Our Teachers

Meet the teaching team

I am a professional and dedicated English tutor with a great work experience teaching over the years to all ages. As a linguist, I am fascinated by language structures, as well as the similarities and differences between languages and cultures.

As a language teacher, it is important to figure out what each student wants to learn. I like to include my students᾿ interests and accommodate different learning styles in my lessons. That can mean discussing an article about a hobby or sport a student likes, studying vocabulary and phrases for an upcoming trip abroad, or practicing native sounding pronunciation and slang. It᾿s my goal to make language learning as fun and practical as possible.

BRIGHT is the school of:

We look forward to greeting you on your first day at BRIGHT.


Our school teachers are native speakers who are experienced and qualified in the field of teaching English as a Foreign Language, with special and modern teaching methods.


At BRIGHT, we are committed to continue to provide the same high quality education and services on which we have built our reputation.

Individualized attention

Our tutors provide intensive mentoring and advice for each student.


Bright also follow a course level system that is internationally valid (in accordance to the Common European Framework of Reference - CEFR).

Student-centred curriculum

There are heated debates in the classroom with our energetic, enthusiastic teachers which brings the joy and pleasure the all students participating. Our teachers also focus on improving & building writing, speaking, listening & reading equally.

Student Satisfaction

Student feedback is very important to us and is vital to our success.As part of our efforts to improve student satisfaction, we carry out regular teacher evaluations every 6 weeks. This process helps to maintain consistent standards for high quality teaching.

To have another language is to possess a second soul

- Charlemagne