Summer Camp

Bright’s Summer Camp is the foundation in every person’s learning journey.

About course

BRIGHT LANGUAGE CENTER offers an intensive educational program in an unforgettable summer holiday environment for everybody as our programs cater to all ages and skill levels across a range of different formats.

Knowledge of the English language has become an invaluable skill for fully participating in today’s developed society. The aim of summer camp program at Bright is not only to practice English, but also to actively improve the student’s skills throughout each day in the presence of native English speakers.

If you have at least a basic knowledge of English and you would like to improve your knowledge by practicing with teachers whose mother tongue is English, then don’t hesitate to accept our invitation to join our unforgettable summer camp course in our beautiful Malaysia.

Course details
Available levels

1. Beginners | 2. Elementary |
3. Pre-Intermediate | 4. Intermediate |
5. Upper intermediate | 6. Advanced


June | July | August


Reading | Writing | Listening | Speaking

City & Cultural Tours

Outdoor: Sunway Lagoon (Water & Theme Park);
Putrajaya (Islamic architecture);
Batu Caves (Indian Temple in a Cave);
City Tour (Hop on Hop off Bus)
Indoor: KLCC Aquarium (Sea Life in Twin Towers)
Genting Highland (Skyway cable car)
▪Co-activities: Bowling, Cinema, Badminton,
▪Langkawi Island: 3 Days & 2 Nights (Flight + Hotel)
• Beach
• Island Hopping Cable Car


In addition to lessons with the English teacher, who is always a native speaker, children will enjoy time with their teachers throughout the whole day, participating in fun activities such as sports, games, competitions, swimming, boating, sightseeing trips, camping, where they are speaking English all day long. Our summer camp program is not just to understand a foreign language, but also to be able to spontaneously react and speak, and grammar is practiced in a fun way that complements the main aim of the course.

Responsibility and Safety

During all of our activities, younger students are taken care of and looked after at all times; by carefully selected and well trained staff. All members of our staff undergo sufficient training to carry out their duties accordingly. Many of the SUMMER TIME CAMP participants repeatedly spent their holidays with us several times. It is not unusual for our participants to choose to spend more time with us and to participate in more than one program during the summer, proof of the popularity of our excellent camps and courses.



Age, terms and price

The camp is designed for students between the ages of 9 and 23, who have a basic knowledge of the English language. The program is also adjusted for more advanced English speakers, which is why the students are divided into groups according to their skill level, and of course their age is always taken into consideration.


Certificate of Completion and Award Ceremony

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Our mission is to help students like you succeed in a global community. According to your needs and goals we will help you to chose the right course for you.

Offer letter & Visa

After booking a course with us we will issue an offer letter and start your student visa.

Arrival & On-going Support

We look forward to welcome you at airport of Malaysia and having you join our BRIGHT FAMILY!
Progress evaluation of our students

BRIGHT LANGUAGE CENTER constantly measures its students’ progress to ensure their improvement:

Placement test
Students are required to take a placement test which assesses their writing and reading abilities, as long need to go through speaking assessment to finalize which level and class the student is to attend.
Weekly progress tests
The progress tests are used to monitor the students improvements on vocabulary, grammar , pronunciation on weekly basis. The weekly reports are recorded and feedback is provided to students.
Mid-term exam
Mid- term exam are used to determine the student’s mid-way language progress. The test consists of grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing.
Speaking assessment & monitoring
Assessment of speaking skills of our students ensures their improvement to feel confident in the English-speaking world for their level.
Final course exam
The final exam is used to determine if the student has mastered all the skills and fluency of studied level. It guides the tutor to decide whether the student is ready to level up.

Our Methodology

At BRIGHT we use an engaging course book series from HEADWAY.

Headway’s trusted methodology combines solid grammar and practice, vocabulary development, and integrated skills with communicative role-plays and personalization.

Authentic material from a variety of sources enables students to see new language in context, and a range of comprehension tasks, language and vocabulary exercises, and extension activities practise the four skills.