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6 reasons to study in Malaysia:

Malaysia is at the forefront of world-recognized quality education, as its affordable, cosmopolitan cities provide rich cultural immersion and memories that can last a lifetime.

Having the capital city of Kuala Lumpur ranked as the second most affordable student city has no doubt helped.

In Malaysia, experiences, lasting friendships and opportunities are abundant. Education in Malaysia will provide you with the tools to kick start your future.

English speaking environment

English is widely spoken in Malaysia as a second language. Most courses at universities are taught in English and majority of the locals can speak English as Malaysia was once ruled by the British.

Easy & fast visa process

Student visas are processed within 3-6 weeks! The success rate is 99%!


Malaysia is ranked the third most peaceful country in the world by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) in their 2018 Global Peace Index. It is a politically stable country, an innovation-based society, and geographically sheltered from natural disasters.

Unique cultural diversity

Malaysia is an incredibly diverse country, containing many different ethnicities, languages and religions. Malaysia is very unique in the sense of its culture. People of different religions and backgrounds mix easily together, respect and live with each other peacefully. The outcome is a spectacular mix of people, food, traditions and culture. Malaysians are generally a very happy and cheerful people, but most of them will not tolerate bad manners and rudeness.Malaysia. Truly Asia!

World class universities

Having been for decades a leader in industrial growth and political stability, Malaysia is also one of the top destinations for those seeking internationally-recognised education for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Moreover, Malaysia contains many TOP world recognized universities such as Monash, Heroitt - Watt University and many more.

Value for money

Malaysia is an exciting and affordable place to live. On a reasonable budget, you can cover your living and entertainment costs and have money spare to travel. Kuala Lumpur – the capital city of Malaysia has often been featured in the list of the Most Affordable City for Students to live in and named the world’s second most affordable student city by QS Best Student Cities 2018.

Why Choose BRIGHT?

Bright language center is a quality professional school dedicated to delivering the highest educational standards of our offered english courses. Our team consists of qualified professionals to make your experience memorable by making learning english fun and worthwhile.


Our teachers are from a range of countries, not just the US or UK; with native speaker proficiency. They are friendly, dedicated, highly qualified and have extensive experience teaching both adults and children.

Students from all over the world

Classes contain students from various countries, cultures and languages, you will have to use your English Language skills to socialise and make long-lasting friendships.

Strategic location

Our school is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a few steps from the most popular icon of Malaysia - Twin Towers KLCC. It’s a convenient location offering a huge variety of food, retail, sports and entertainment, and easy access to public transport.

Social Activities

Our team plans activities that will help you learn and practice your English skills through a wide variety of fun activities such as games & puzzles, education tours, university tours, discovery tasks, using video & audio materials.

24/7 student support team

A reassuring service for you and your family – our 24/7 student support team provides assistance at any time of the day or night.

Excellent facilities & modernized classrooms

Our school has excellent facilities: a language lab, event hall, library, computer classrooms and digital classrooms.

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